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munist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has stre??ssed concentrating efforts to implement the strategy of s??trengthening the military through reform to advance the c??ause of building a strong military in th4

e new era. Xi ma??de the remarks while presiding over a group study session?? of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on reformi??ng military policies and institutions on Tuesday. At the?? session, held ahead of China's Army Day on August 1, Xi ??extended greetings to all personnel of the People's Liber??ation Army, armed police, militia and reserve force on be??half of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Militar??y CommiX

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tional structure of China's military and the t

revolution??ary shift in its force composition through reforms since ??the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. Xi said the refo??rm of military policies and institutions aims to address ??the incompatibility of poli0

cies with the new era, new mis??sions and new institutions. Xi spoke of the need to focu??s on reform targets, stay confident and determined, and r??ise to challenges in the reform. He also stressed the co??mplexity of the reform of military policies and instituti??ons and the need to take a holistic approach. Xi said is??sues to be prioritized include those concerning combat pr??eparedness of the armed forces, key points of operatio1

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nefits of?? officers and soldiers. Xi said thg

e reform of military p??olicies and institutions requires the emancipation of the?? mind. It is necessary to get rid of all outdated mental??ities and acts and stay true to reality in the reform, he?? said. Xi also w

stressed the need to study major issues, ??find the problems, carry out reforms and make proper asse??ssments. Describing it a task shared by the armed forces?? and the civilian sector, Xi called for concerted efforts?? to carry out the reform of military policies and institu??tions.BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping Mon??day stressed practical efforts to further deepen mili??tary-civilian integration to provide impetU